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Full Why Things Fly Presentation is $285 plus $5.00 per kite. ​If your class, camp, scout group, rec program, birthday party or other special event have budgetary constraints, ​please contact me to discuss how we can accommodate your budget. 

Kites have been around for more than 2000 years. From their origins in ancient China, to Ben Franklin’s’ discovery that lightning is indeed electric, kiting has played an important role in a variety of ways throughout history.

​Kiting crosses into many important subjects. Applications can be applied in mathematics, science, history, social studies, art, and phys-ed. It is a sport enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

For over 30 years Bob Ray has made more than 15,000 kites with Maine's children and has earned a reputation for a fun, informative and educational experience. Classes are customized for your specific needs and are geared to the age group being presented to. 

A typical presentation runs two to two and a half hours and can be shortened or lengthened per your needs. The first half hour covers flight history, flight science and flying demonstrations with various flying objects. The second half hour starts a with presentation talking about kite history, kite folklore, cool kite stories and of course kite safety. During the presentation several kites are shown to the students from small and simple, to large and exotic. Students are taught the various parts of the kites and their functions. The students are then shown how to make the kite of the day and are given instructions and materials to make their own kite. For grades 3 and up I guide the class making sure each step is completed before moving on to the next step.

K - 2 classes are done with parent volunteers because many of the children lack the skills necessary to make the kite in a timely fashion. During the presentation the volunteers make the kites with the exception​ of adding the tails. After the presentation the students are handed their kite and then choose 2 tails to affix to the kite, then they decorate it. Because they've chosen their tails and have customized it with their own decorations, they still feel as if they've made a kite that day, and...the kite will fly. If time and conditions permit, they can attempt to fly them afterwards

Specific subject matter can be covered during the presentation that connect to the work the students are currently studying such as aerodynamics, history, Chinese culture, etc.

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Why Things Fly