“Bob has come to our summer camp in Maine for years! He is great at engaging with our aged 4-14 audience and even our counselors have fun during his presentations! He balances fun demonstrations with his flying toys and knowledge of science and hands-on activities like kite making! We love having Why Things Fly come to camp especially during STEM week! Maine misses having this wonderful resource close by!“

Kara Larochelle
Program Director
Ketcha Outdoors, Scarborouh ME

(207) 899-5449

When I learned that ‘Bob Ray’s Why Things Fly’ was going to be making and flying kites with kids during one of our Summers Arts Series Concerts at Royal River Park in Yarmouth, Maine, I thought…” Oh boy, this should be interesting”.   Well, what a great addition this was to our event!  Joyous children of all ages were running around the adjacent field with the kites they had just made soaring above them.  Bob Ray uses a very effective kite design that allowed even a 4-year-old to take off running as her kite with a pink and purple tail bobbed and weaved in the air following her path.  Meanwhile, adults picnicked and enjoyed the music performed by the guest band. It was a scene even Norman Rockwell would have loved Lisa Stragliotto

Program & Office Supervisor
Yarmouth Community Services, Yarmouth ME

(207) 899-5449

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Why Things Fly

“I had the pleasure of working with Bob Ray during a Why Things Fly session at a Summer Rec Program Bob’s passion to storytelling was apparent the moment he started to speak. I watched him turn a room full of High Energy Students into a group of children quietly listening. Bob possess an innate ability to engage children and adults. His kite making kits were age appropriate and fun to do. If your school has not signed up for a session yet your students are missing out on a Gem of an after school program! “

Alice Hornstein LSW